Thursday, March 1, 2012

Happy St. Paddy's Day!

A New Pattern
While I was working on my mixed media art projects (see previous posts) I was also working on a new pattern. I've just released my "Lucky Shamrocks Table Runner & Placemats" pattern. You can purchase a downloadable PDF pattern at . You will find all of my other patterns, there too. Th pattern includes directions for a table runner--or you can use it as a banner or wall hanging, plus directions for a set of four placemats and napkins.

Lucky Shamrocks Placemat

I designed the appliqued block, which is done with fusible web and machine-blanket-stitching to cover the raw edges, but you can substitute your favorite applique method if you prefer. To make the blocks "chain" together in the runner, I added folded-corner triangles to the side setting triangles--a really easy technique. It changed an ordinary diagonal setting into a much more interesting layout. The block behind the shamrock appliques is super easy to piece; the applique pieces are large and easy to handle. Love the green and white prints--the promise that spring is right around the corner!

Lucky Shamrocks Runner

Speaking of Craftsy...
I signed up as a Craftsy member several months ago and was delighted to read in a January newsletter that they were offering independent designers a place to sell their patterns. I spent several hours uploading my pattern PDFs onto their site over the next two days. Their pattern store went live in early February and my patterns have been selling really well. The top seller, Hearts Entwined, has been on their Top 20 Leader board all month, along with several of my tote bag patterns. Hearts Entwined is still there and still selling well.

Hearts Entwined

The wonderful thing about Craftsy is that they sell on-line classes, and support independent designers by offering this selling service free of charge. It gives me a place to keep old patterns alive and introduce new ones. With PDFs, designers can keep all of their older patterns selling, long after distributors and shops have stopped selling them. This has breathed new life into the hours and hours of work represented in the 30+ patterns I offer. Thank you, Craftsy, for your support and generosity!

So, if you are looking for craft, sewing, and quilting patterns that you can have in an instant--even at is THE place to go! Have fun shopping in your pajamas!

Until next time, keep sewing and smiling!