Sunday, January 26, 2014

Just for the Yin & the Yang of It...A Mug Rug Set

I Almost Forgot to Post These!

Earlier last year, I started taking Yoga at a wonderful studio in Vancouver, WA. Walking into Shanti (peace) was like coming home to myself, for not only is its staff warm and welcoming, they also provide opportunities to explore your soul purpose, in addition to teaching you how to use your breath to support, understand, and move your body in ways that support you physically and emotionally. I started Yoga on my Dr.'s recommendation to help with chronic low back pain, and it has been immensely helpful.

My experiences at Shanti were a good reminder of Yin and Yang. As I've known and accepted for a long time, life is a field of opposites, both light and dark, and they complement each other. "They are essential to life," as my meditation teacher says and "Life is a dance of light and dark." From darkness comes illumination if we are willing to look for it. The ancient Yin and Yang are symbols for this, and are typically drawn with a circle of the opposite color in the "head" of the paisley motif, showing that light and dark are within each other. Because the two are identically shaped, they nestle into each other, completing the circle of life. For me they are a symbol of learning to be at peace with all that life offers up.
The Yin and the Yang of It Quilted Mug Rugs

For Valentine's day, I substituted a heart in each one, signifying the importance of learning to love all of life--the light and the dark! Then your soul finds peace. As quilted mug rugs, they made the perfect gift for my Yoga instructor, who at the tender age of 35 is one of the wisest women I know! She has blessed me with her powerful presence, her love, and her compassion and continues to do so every week. Blessings to you, dear Heather!

The mug rugs are super easy to sew since there are only two simple shapes to applique with fusible web. I did simple rows of quilting around the shapes, letting them run off the edge as necessary. Sized at just 6" x 9" each, the mug rugs take minimal fabric. You can use them as small wall hangings, too. I'm happy that others like my design--in the past two days, I've sold two of the PDF downloadable patterns for this design in my Craftsy pattern store:

Be sure to check out the other PDF patterns in my Craftsy store. There are mug rugs for many seasons and reasons, plus placemats, table runners, quilts, and tote bags--over 75 in all! Have fun shopping!

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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Oh My Stars...A Wonderful Quilt to Sew for Baby

If you are looking for a special design to sew for a baby, consider Oh My Stars! It makes a lovely wall quilt for baby's nursery, stitched up in pastels or in brighter colors. The quilt pattern is available as a downloadable PDF at my Craftsy pattern store:
Oh My Stars Sampler Quilt by Barbara Weiland Talbert

My original design features nine different star blocks--great for a beginner to make as a sampler quilt while learning basic quiltmaking techniques.

Each block is surrounded by sashing strips and then assembled to make the center of the quilt top.

The fun and finishing touch is the piano key border with small star blocks at each corner.

 Last year, I received an email from a customer who had purchased my pattern and was making it for her new granddaughter, due in January 2014. Chris needed help because she wanted to change the design by adding a fourth row of star blocks and wondered about how much more fabric she might need. We had several lovely e-mail exchanges and I asked Chris to share photos of the quilt when she had finished it. Yesterday, she sent me photos of her beautiful quilt and said I could share them here with you! I love this first "atmospheric shot" she took outdoors. She did an outstanding job of choosing bright cheery colors and her workmanship is beautiful. I am sure her granddaughter will treasure this bit of stitched-up love!
Oh My Stars Sampler by Chris Wenzel 
This view more clearly shows all of the colorful fabrics Chris combined, plus the three extra (and different blocks she added, which are all in the bottom row (if my eyes are not tricking me). Star blocks are similar but different, so it's difficult sometimes to tell "which to which" as my cousin said when he was young! Kudos to Chris for this beautiful quilted keepsake! Lucky baby!

If you love applique quilts, you might want to consider this design. Barnyard Babies been a popular pattern with quilters looking for a baby quilt to stitch. The sashed setting is fun and fusible applique makes the blocks easy to stitch up. Of course, you can do hand applique if you prefer! As with all of my patterns, this one is also available at my Craftsy pattern store:

Barnyard Babies by Barbara Weiland Talbert

As always, I would love to see any quilts you make using my patterns! My email address is featured in all of them!

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A Valentine's Mug Rug for Friends and Lovers

Here's my latest pattern offering--just in time to sew for Valentine's Day. What fun it would be to use these for a special Valentin'es Day Tea with your best friends! The design is so simple that stitching it up in batches takes no time at all! 

This design features the age-old folk-art symbol--the heart-in- the-hand. 
The "hand" is actually a pretty ruffled glove, trimmed with ruffled lace and ribbon. Fusible appliqué makes this little mug rug a cinch to sew in minutes! Make a set for yourself and several to send as sweetly stitched valentines to show your love for special friends--your love--your family.
Here's My Heart Valentine Mug Rugs
As with all of my patterns, this one is a downloadable PDF, which you can purchase from my Craftsy pattern store at:
Happy stitching and Happy Valentine's Day!

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