Monday, May 17, 2010

A Dirty Iron—On No!

I love my Velocity Iron with built-in steam generator—but not when the soleplate is gunked up with black residue from fusibles and leaves it behind on my latest project!

Dritz Iron Off Hot Iron Cleaner to the rescue. It's been my #1 favorite notions item for over 30 years—and remains so to this day—that and fusible web.They do go hand in hand--fusible web speeds up my sewing, but it often leaves behind invisible residue that eventually turns black and ends up on my project.

I'm getting ready to pack my bags for Quilt Market in Minneapolis and need to press the hems on a brand new pair of pants. When I opened the drawer where my supply of this fabulous cream should be—alas it wasn't there. Off to the store I went. I couldn't find Iron Off on the notions wall without some help—the packaging has changed since I last stocked up. Now it's in a nice soft plastic tube—easier to use! And, the price has gone up a bit, like everything else. But, no price is too high when there's a brand new pair of white pants waiting for a press!

I use a sponge to apply Iron Off to the soleplate—not too close to any smoke alarm (ask me how I know) and when the gunk is gone, I run the iron over a stack of paper towels and shoot some steam through the vents to make sure there is no residue—before I use the iron on something else. Works like a charm!! Give it a try! I buy several tubes at a time--when there's a good sale on notions or I have a coupon to use.

I'm off to Quilt Market tomorrow. I'll keep you posted on anything exciting that I find as I walk the aisles (my feet hurt already!).
Keep Sewing and Smiling!

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