Sunday, January 22, 2012

One More "Round-to-it" Bites the Dust

Open another closet and find another project! That's how you finish up all those "round-to-its. This time, I dug out my Pierrette doll that I  finished in 1990, because recently her underarm tore as she was too tightly stuffed.

I took a class with elinor peace bailey (she uses no capital letters in her name) at Daisy Kingdom in Portland, OR, not too long after I moved there from Portland, Maine. During the class, we could make a doll of our choice using one of her patterns. I chose Pierrot and Pierrette.

To repair Pierrette, I needed the same print fabric I had used for her body so many years ago so I could add an underarm patch. I was lucky, though. I knew just where to find that fabric, along with the pieces to her companion, that I had cut out and left in pieces oh those many years ago.

As a demonstration, elinor was kind enough to help paint the faces for both of my dolls. Actually, I had embroidered Pierrette's face (the nose line, eyes, and mouth following the pattern directions before I arrived at class. Then elinor added the special details with pens and a sticky, iridescent gel-like medium. I hadn't yet embroidered Pierrot's face, so it is strictly elinor's work. My faces would never have been as beautiful as those elinor did.

I finished Pierrette shortly after the class was over and I have enjoyed her over the years. Making her was a stretch for me as I used fabric and colors that I wouldn't normally choose—part of elinor's challenge!

With Pierrot's head finished and all the other parts cut and some in stages of construction, I was ready to finish him. I started yesterday afternoon—and just finished him this afternoon. I'm pleased with the results and glad to remove one more project from my list of "round-to-its." I was able to use up more bits and pieces of trim from my stash and buttons from my button box, in lieu of Pierrot's typical pompoms. One more thing I'm doing this year is trying to use up things I have rather than running to the fabric store for some little finishing bit. It's been fun digging into my storage tubs and finding things I'd forgotten I had.

Now, aren't they a wonderful pair?

Here are some additional shots so you can see some of the details a bit closer.



Now, to find the perfect place to display these companion dolls—maybe on the wall in my sewing room—I'll have to add loops to their backs in order to do that though.
'Til next time, keep on sewing and smiling.

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