Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Printing My Own Quilt Labels

I've declared 2012 the year to finish up unfinished projects and all those little things that I call my "I'll get around to its." Shortened, that's "round to-its."

One of the things on the "round to-its"  list—make labels for the quilts I made last year, based on designs I created in Electric Quilt 7. Patterns for all of them are available for purchase as PDF downloads on my website, www.joyofsewing.com.

In this post, I'll show you the quilt labels I designed and attached to quilts this week—along with photos of the quilts to which they belong. One more "round to-it" is crossed off my list!

To make the labels, I used the Microsoft Publisher program and fabric pretreated for inkjet printing. You can purchase my favorite fabric for this purpose at www.electricquilt.com. After printing each one and treating the fabric as directed to set the ink, I trimmed the excess fabric away 1/2" from the outer edge of the printed design to allow for a turn-under allowance. Then I slipstitched each label to the backing of its quilt.

There are lots of ways to make labels. I love finding a way to incorporate photos relative to the quilt design or the quilt recipient in mine. Sometimes I make an extra block and use that as the label, but that means I have to hand-write the details on the block using a permanent ink pen. Designing my own labels and printing them on fabric makes it possible to use interesting fonts, import photos, incorporate colors, and proofread the label before it goes to the printer.

Let's Be Friends…A Friendship Sampler Quilt

Let's Be Friends© is a colorful friendship quilt, featuring twelve blocks, set with sashing rectangles and multiple borders. Use it for a lap quilt or a wall hanging. Each block features a light-colored strip so that you can have friends sign the blocks like an autograph album. Use the design to create a keepsake quilt for yourself or for a special friend. Commemorate a birthday, a special occasion, or simply friendship.  Simple rotary cutting and machine piecing techniques make it easy to create the blocks for your sampler. Two of the blocks require a simple template for the signature strip. Several blocks also feature foundation-paper-pieced sections, a great technique for ensuring accuracy without making time-consuming templates before you even begin to sew! The pattern includes fully illustrated directions for each of the 12 blocks, including full-size templates for the required foundations, plus complete directions for assembling the blocks into the finished quilt. Tips for paper-piecing are also included. The pattern has everything you need to create a truly special quilt. Perfect for a block-of-the-month project, too. Organize your friends and get stitching!
Finished Size: 56 1/2" x 66 1/2"

I used a Publisher label template for this design, changed the default color scheme to match the fabrics in my quilt, and imported Electric Quilt Jpgs of three of the blocks in the quilt.

Peony Garden

Cheerful “Peony Bouquets” surround a bed of “Peonies in Bloom” in this design to use as a lap quilt or wall hanging. Choose prints in two shades of pink for the peonies. You’ll also need a yellow print for the flower centers and three green prints in related shades for the stems and leaves. All floral pieces are set against a light background solid or print. The corners on the pieced setting triangles form a “garden fence” around the pretty bed of flowers. The “Peony Bouquet” block features appliquéd leaves and stems; directions are included for fusible as well as traditional methods.
The “Peony in Bloom” block is an adaptation of Nancy Cabot’s “Peony and Forget-Me-Nots” block. This new version eliminates corner intersections that were in the original piecing to make block assembly easier. I imported jpgs of both blocks into the label I made, using the same label template as for the "Let's Be Friends" quilt.
Finished Block Size: 12" square
Finished Quilt Size: Approximately 63" square in a diagonal setting

Hearts Entwined

This special quilt was designed as a gift for my newest grand niece, Abigail Marie Glennon. She lives in Beijing with her big brother, Han Thomas (you can read about his quilt in a previous post). She was born in late November to nephew Tom and his wife Cindy, who is from Beijing. Tom teaches Chinese children how to speak English.

For this quilt, choose two prints in coordinating values or two complementary colors. Pay careful attention to the color placement of the patches in each block and when they are joined, two large hearts entwine on the surface of your quilt. Choose prints of equal value if you want both hearts to pop, but if you want one to stand out more than the other, use prints in two values--Dark and Medium against a Light background. It's but it's pretty in pink, too, for a baby quilt, or it makes a wonderful Christmas quilt in red and green. Try two red prints against white or pink for your special Valentine.  Make it for a bride in her wedding colors--or try it in cream and tans for a wedding keepsake quilt.

Foundation paper piecing makes it easy to create accurately pieced Diamond blocks without making templates. It’s also easier to accurately piece the Small Economy Patch blocks using paper foundations. The pattern includes full-size templates to copy for the paper-piecing foundations and tips on paper-piecing.

Abby's quilt label includes the national flags of her parents' homelands, just as Tommy's quilt does, along with photos taken just after her birth. I think Tommy loves his Mai Mai (Chinese for "Little Sister").

'Tis the Season…A Holiday Wall Hanging

'Tis the Season…to decorate your home for the holidays with a pretty quilted project. You'll have this colorful wall hanging done in no time with quick-and-easy fusible appliqué and simple piecing to join the blocks and sashing and finish the quilt top. For added fun, deck the tree with an assortment of buttons, gems, sequins, and trims after you’ve completed the quilting. All appliqué patterns are given full size for easy tracing and application with your favorite lightweight fusible web. Choose assorted scraps and fat eighths from your stash for the appliqués. Finished Size: 31-1/2" x 36-3/4" 

The label for this quilt is pretty straightforward.


I made one more quilt in 2012, but it's under wraps for now. It's being quilted by my long-arm quilter and will be photographed for a catalog, due out in March. More about that one, including a photo and its label in March when it debuts.


Mrs H said...

How big is your hearts entwined?

Anonymous said...

I love the entwined hearts! What are the dimensions of the quilt. I have a foster son getting married and I think this would be a good present to them. Thanks

Barbara at Joy of Sewing said...

The quilt is a wall hanging or lap quilt and measures 44-1/2" square. It would make a wonderful wedding gift!

Anonymous said...

Love your Hearts Entwined! Could it be made smaller, say 24x24 or 30x30, if the pieces were cut down? It is truly beautiful.

Chris said...

Thanks so much for posting info about using your EQ software to make the labels. I've searching for printer labels done just in outline form so I could then color in the designs with pens or crayons. I have EQ5 and never thought about making my own labels. Perfect solution!