Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Pierrot Perfected

There was just something about my Pierrot doll that wasn't quite right. After looking at him next to his mate, I decided he needed a shirt with some of the same fabric that I used in Pierrette's skirt.

For the shirt, I actually constructed a gathered skirt made with a piece of fabric that was twice Pierrot's circumference at the underarm--where the arm/sleeve units join the body--underneath the ruffle. After turning the pieced fabric panel into a tube and hemming the upper edge, I added gathers, slid the shirt on and decided it was too short. Off it came so I could add a bottom band of the same camel/burgundy print that I used for the contrast panels in his shirt.

After adjusting the gathers so the "skirt-shirt" fit under Pierot's arms, I hand sewed the shirt to his body.
With his shirt

I'm much happier now that Pierrot has a shirt. How about you?
Keep sewing and smiling,

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Nutmeg Quilts said...

Well aren't you just the crafty Blogger lately? He is just wonderful, and I do like the shirt, as an addition to his wardrobe. They are so charming - love it!