Saturday, October 19, 2013

It's All About the TuTu--A Witch's Wreath for Halloween

In my last post, I shared my newest creation-The Witch's Wardrobe Wreath. 

What I didn't share was that making Halloween wreaths was a cooperative project with my dear friend Sheryl. I was so excited to have mine finished, I couldn't wait to share it. And Sheryl's wasn't finished until today. While we started with and used many of the same components, Sheryl used "deco-mesh" to create her witch's handkerchief skirt.

 And, the legs were made from costume "tails" from Dollar Tree--plus felt shoes trimmed with a little ribbon. I alluded to making these legs in my last post. This is the basic shoe shape I used, enlarging it as needed to fit around the tails (which had a bit of fake fur, that I removed). After cutting from felt and stitching together 1/8" from the raw edges, I stuffed the shoes with a bit of fiberfill. I used a bamboo skewer to push the fiberfill into the stuffed toe. Note: When you use felt for the shoes, there's no need to turn the shoes so the seams are inside! Then I just used a square knot to tie narrow ribbon in place at the "ankles."

Well, we had such fun making this "witch with an attitude" and I thought you would enjoy seeing it. Not much sewing on this one, other than some stitching to "tame" the tutu a bit. This wiry mesh just didn't want to stay in place, so I stitched the lower layer to the ribbon-wrapped wreath--done with 10 feet of glitzy orange wire-edge ribbon. Only a bit of it shows in the final product, but it was a necessary component.

I'm tickled pink with both wreaths. How about you? We had such fun dreaming them up and completing them!

Until next time, 
Have fun sewing, and quilting, and crafting!

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